DIY Projects That Are Cool and Unique

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Whether you are a tried and true DIY lover or are a newcomer to DIY projects, this is the perfect list for you! These DIY projects will not only give you a strong sense of accomplishment, they will improve your home! This list is full of high-quality, unique, and enjoyable DIY projects you can enjoy on your own, with your family, or with your friends.

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DIY projects have been popular for years, so why not take the next step and create a cool and unique DIY project that no one on your block has ever seen? The uses of DIY projects are as endless as the projects themselves! Let’s get creative and make some cool and unique DIY projects!

Necessary Tools for Your Next DIY Project

Whether you are a beginner or an old hat at DIY projects, there are some tools that you will need to have before you even start brainstorming your next project idea.


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Not only can screwdrivers fix nearly any problem, they are affordable and easy to store. Use screwdrivers to screw in newly decorated light fixtures or chair legs, pry off the lid of paint cans, or scrape off old wood finishing in a fun new pattern. Your collection of screwdrivers should include tools of multiple sizes as well as a slotted version and a Phillip’s head version.

Tape Measure

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The use of a tape measure is pretty obvious! You know the old saying- measure twice, cut once! Measure lengths of wood for a brand new birdhouse, the distance between sides of the wall to make sure your picture hangs evenly on the wall, or the amount of paint you’ll need for a wall project. Make sure you get a sturdy one!


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This could even be your first DIY project! Your toolbox doesn’t have to be an official toolbox, and your tools don’t need to have come in it. Simply buy or make a box that will fit all of your other tools to keep them handy and safe in one spot. If you have small children or pets, you may want to add a latch or a lock to the lid or top of your toolbox. Consider adding a handle for easy movement!


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Another standby of any DIY project is a hammer. The primary use is for hammering in nails- whether into wood or walls- but a good hammer also features a pry bar on the back to pull out unwanted nails or industrial sized staples. A good hammer should be solid and heavy enough to pound in those nails with force, but not so heavy that you can’t swing it safely!

Duct Tape

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This famously versatile product can be used just as easily to decorate your DIY project as to connect two objects or fix a leak. You can use duct tape for nearly all variety of household DIY projects- choose the color and pattern of duct tape you like the best and make sure you never run out!


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You never know when this may come in handy! If you’re working under the sink or in the basement, there may be corners you need to work in or explore that the light just doesn’t touch. Consider getting a flashlight with rechargeable batteries to eliminate the need for frequent pauses for battery changes.


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No matter what DIY project you’re working on, pliers will likely come in handy. You can use them to cement two materials together while gluing or stapling them or to pry two materials apart. Needle-nosed pliers are also easy to use to get little pieces out of a small space- and they’re much safer to use than your fingers!

Utility Knife

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Use this with caution, but if you will be a frequent DIY project master, a utility knife is a must-have. With this sharp and retractable tool, you can do everything from whittling to opening boxes. Consider what you will be primarily using your utility knife for before purchasing- there are many types for many purposes!

DIY Safety Tips

Whatever tools your DIY project requires, safety is key, especially if you’re working with kids or people who are unfamiliar with tools.

Keep an eye out for people working around you- it is easy to forget who is standing behind you, but that is dangerous when you have a hammer in your hand.

Remember where you set your tools and never use a ladder as a shelf- it may seem like a good idea at the time, but it won’t seem so clever when the hammer hits someone in the head!

When using power tools, make sure you have read the instructions and are wearing the proper safety gear to keep your hands, eyes, and face protected. Never use power tools if you are not fully aware of how the machine works. Always know where the off switch is located.

10 DIY Projects That Are Cool and Unique

Paint the Floors

painting tools and equipment

Image CC0 rawpixel via Pixabay

This quick solution to boring old floors is easy and fun for the whole family! Simply get some regular primer, porch and/or floor paint, painters tape, and rollers and brushes, and you’ll be on your way. Spice up your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry linoleum or vinyl flooring by giving it a fresh, new and bright coat of paint or by taping a unique pattern or set of stripes into the floor.

Create Glow-In-The-Dark Planters

glow in the dark planter

Image via Amazon

Use glow in the dark paint, paint brushes, and/or stamps to give your outdoor plants a unique look. You can either paint the entire cover of the planters with glow in the dark paint to give your garden or porch a welcoming glow or you can make designs on the planters pop with the paint. This is a fun DIY project idea for a rainy day when you’re dreaming of summer blooms!

Give Your Walls Some Wainscoting

walls wainscoting

Image via hometips

Wainscoting gives any room a classic, traditional, and fancy feeling- did you know you can make creating wainscoting into an easy DIY project that takes less than a day? It only takes some 1’ by 3’ sheets of wood, nails, your favorite color of paint, and a lot of careful measuring and cutting to create this fabulously elegant look.

Make a Mirrored Backsplash

antique mirror backsplash kitchen

Image via The Glass Shoppe

Does your bathroom or kitchen need some added flair? Buy and apply some peel and stick mirrored panels to add to the walls of your favorite room. These panels come in a variety of styles and colors and are easy to cut and apply.

Paint an Area Rug

fluffy painted rug

Image via Homedit

Instead of spending a lot of money for a fancy design on a rug, paint your own! All you need is a rug of your favorite size, some painters tape to help you create your design, fabric medium to help your paint stay on the fabric, and your colors of paint. Make the design you want on the rug with the tape, paint, and let dry for at least a day before enjoying your rug in your favorite room.

Update Cabinet and Drawer Handles

cabinet and door handles

Image CC0 Hermann via Pixabay

Do you want to combine your love of antique stores and good deals with DIY projects? If so, you may want to update your cabinet and drawer handles! All you need to do is find your chosen handles, unscrew the handles currently on the furniture, and replace. This will be the perfect addition to your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

Build a Pass-Through Window Between Rooms

pass through window in the kitchen

Image CCO Skitterphoto via Pixabay

While it is not for the faint of heart, this update to your home will create a new focal point and a fun new way to expand the room in your home. Make sure the wall isn’t load-bearing, measure out the space of your new pass-through window, and use a sledgehammer to carefully remove the wall area. Then, use your chosen paneling or two-by-fours to frame the new window! You can even add a slab of counter or stone to create a small counter.

Hang Mirrors Outdoors

outdoor mirror

Image via

If you want to open up your outdoor space consider adding some mirrors to your outdoor decorations and garden gnomes. Simply take an old window frame, cut a mirror to fit in one of the pane sections, and adhere. The most difficult part will be deciding where to put it!

Make a Shoe Tray That Self-Drains

diy shoe drip station

Image via Reality Daydream

Do the pile of wet shoes at your doorstep get you down? Create a safe space for the shoes to dry by filling a plastic tray with pebbles or other decorative stones. Set shoes on top of the stones when they are wet, and soon they will be dry!

Create Paneled Doors

panel doors in a room

Image CC0 stocksnap via Pixabay

Use a little extra wood to make your doors look fancy and paneled! Add planks of wood around the edge and down the center- your doors will look elegant and they will also be heavier. Consider painting your doors at the same time.


Whatever your DIY experience, these ten unique and cool DIY projects are easy, quick and affordable. Get the family involved and spruce up your home in the way that only you can!