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best tile saw

Tile saws are a must-have if you are going to cut tile. All-purpose saws are great and they are created to do a lot of jobs around the house, but when it comes to cutting tile, they are not going to give you the results you need. If you are ready to replace that floor tile, bathroom or kitchen wall tile, or create your next masterpiece, you are going to want some clear-cut choices of best tile saw. Read on to find the best tile saw that will get you the results you need, no matter what your budget allows.

Tile Saw Frequently Asked Questions

What in the world is a tile saw and what does it do? We are glad you asked, and we are going to answer those questions and more for you here with these frequently asked questions.

What Is a Tile Saw?

What Does a Tile Saw Do?

How Does a Tile Saw Work?

Where Can You Buy it/Them?

Is There a Best Tile Saw for Home and Commercial Use?

What Should Be Considered Before I Purchase?

How We Reviewed

Out of the many saws we reviewed, we have chosen these 7 based on careful consideration of features, pros and cons, price, where to buy, and warranty. We have done the hard part for you and believe these saws will provide choices to fit your needs, whatever they may be.

What We Reviewed

SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw
  • Corrosive resistent stainless steel top supports tiles up to 12 x 12-in.
  • Adjustable rip fence with miter gauge for accurate straight and miter cuts
  • Blade cooling water reservoir to keep blade cool while minimizing dust and debris
  • Bevel cuts tile from 0 to 45 degrees. Cut Material: Stone/Masonry
  • Cross Cut Capacity: 7.75-in. Diagonal Cut Capacity: 7.25-in.

Key Features for this product include corrosive resistant stainless steel supports, adjustable rip fence with a miter gauge, water reservoir for blade cooling, and the capability of handling tiles up to 12 X 12. This saw bevel cuts tile from 0 to 45-degree angles and is excellent for most DIY home projects.


  • Economical purchase price
  • Excellent for home use
  • Cuts cleanly and easily
  • Blade holds up well with repeated use


  • Plastic Base
  • Not for contractor use
  • Water tray is small

The saw comes with a 90-day limited warranty that covers the craftsmanship and materials of the saw itself.

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw with Stand, 10-Inch (D24000S)
  • Cutting capacity to rip cut 25 inch or 28 inch with a plunge and cut 18 inch x 18 inch tile on a diagonal. Cut line indicator and stainless steel rollers provide stable, accurate cutting to within 1/32 inch over 18 inch cuts
  • Weighing only 69 pounds, one person can transport and set up
  • 45 or 22.5 degree miter feature for quick angled cuts with dual water nozzles. Compact saw frame allows for easy transport and storage in vehicle - 34 inch x 26 inch
  • Plunge feature allows user to make quick plunge cuts for electrical outlets and A/C registers
  • This product ships in two boxes and includes the D24000 saw and the D24001 stand

Key Features of this product include stable, accurate cutting to within 1/32 inch on 18 inch cuts. Weighing just under 70 LBS, the saw can be transported by one person. It has 22.5 or 45-degree miter features, dual water nozzles, and a plunge feature which allows the user to make quick plunge cuts. This saw comes complete with its own stand that folds for easy storage and transport.


  • Good for both small and large projects
  • 5 gallon water reservoir
  • Well-built construction
  • Quick clean-up
  • Excellent reviews


  • Higher priced
  • Plastic tray is not as wide as 24″ tiles

Like most DeWalt products, this saw comes with a 3 year limited warranty that covers material and workmanship. This does not include regular wear and tear or abuse of the tool.

QEP 61900Q 2.25 HP Professional Tile Saw, 10-Inch
  • Powerful 2.25 HP, 15 Amp motor cuts for fast and accurate cutting of all types of tile including ceramic, porcelain, slate, stone and marble
  • Equipped with a premium porcelain-rated 10 in. diamond blade for cutting the toughest tiles
  • Adjustable plunging and pivoting motor head for interior cutting, miter cuts and rip/angle cuts
  • Designed with a quick-release folding stand and oversized wheels making it easy to transport around the job site
  • Side extension table for supporting large format tile

Key Features of this product include a powerful 2.25 HP, 15 AMP motor that cuts all types of tile including ceramic, porcelain, slate, stone, and marble and it comes equipped with a premium porcelain rated 10 inch diamond blade. The motor head plunges and pivots for interior cutting, miter cuts, and rip/angle cuts. It also features a quick-release stand with oversized wheels for ease of transport around the job site.


  • Side extension table for large tile
  • Professional use
  • Sizeable water containment tray
  • Powerful


  • Higher priced
  • Not for smaller projects
  • No warranty information available

A thorough search of the product website and owner’s manual showed no warranty information. They do have troubleshooting information available and provide a phone number if the problem persists.

2.5 Horsepower 10" Industrial Tile/Brick Saw
  • Cuts tiles up to 18" long, 12" diagonally
  • Cuts to a maximum depth of 3-1/8"
  • Oversized steel frame with precision linear bar system for smooth operation
  • Unique heavy-duty cast alloy column and cutting head for reduced vibration

Key Features of this product include an adjustable head for cutting standard tiles or bricks up to 3 1/2 inches. It has a powerful 2.5 HP motor and a pivoting head that allows 22.5 or 45-degree bevel cuts. Dual capacitor motor has sealed bearings and thermal overload protection. This professional saw has a built in 3 gallon per minute water pump and easy to remove and clean water tub.


  • Cuts brick and stone with proper blade
  • Affordable
  • Well-designed sliding table
  • Good for larger projects


  • Stand sold separately
  • 90 day limited warranty
  • Blade not included

This product has a limited 90-day warranty from time of purchase for defects in workmanship or parts.

MK-370EXP 1-1/4 HP 7-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw
  • Lightweight and portable tile saw is made to the highest professional specifications
  • Hinged blade guard for easy blade changes and maintenance inspection
  • Built in 45° miter system
  • Plunge capability makes cutting outlets and other openings quick and easy
  • The 5/8-Inch diameter chrome-plated linear guide bar provides smooth, straight, ridgid support for precision cutting

Key Features of this product include a hinged blade guard system for easy blade changes and maintenance inspection. It is lightweight and portable with a built in 45-degree miter system. There is a 5/8 inch diameter chrome plated linear guide bar for smooth, straight, and rigid support for precision cutting.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Cuts clean


  • No drain plug in tray
  • Stand not included
  • Slide rail smoothness issues

Material and workmanship are covered by a one-year limited warranty from date of purchase.

QEP 22400Q 3/5 HP Torque Master Tile Saw, 4-Inch
  • Easily cuts ceramic, marble, slate and stone tile
  • Made from plastic to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Portable design makes this wet tile saw easy to transport
  • Hinged cutting table is adjustable for making 22.5 degree and 45 degree miter cuts
  • Includes 4 in. QEP continuous rim diamond blade, rip guide, angle guide and clip-on extension table

Key Features of this product include a 3/5 HP high-torque geared motor with a tilting table. It includes a 4 inch diamond blade, two side table extensions and fully adjustable rip/angle.


  • Costs less than rental
  • Cuts well for small jobs
  • Extremely affordable


  • Not for large jobs
  • Tray overfill limit hard to read
  • Plastic guide is a bit flimsy

No warranty is offered on the website or referenced in the owner’s manual, but they do provide troubleshooting information and a phone number is given for unresolvable issues.

MK Diamond 157222 MK-170 1/3-Horsepower 7-Inch Bench Wet Tile Saw
  • 7-inch bench wet tile saw
  • 1/3-horsepower engine for high torque (5500 rpm) and power
  • High-impact thermoplastic water reservoir will not rust or peel
  • Includes saw, 7-inch diamond blade, submersible water pump, adjustable rip guide
  • 15 pounds; 1-year warranty

Key Features of this product include a solid steel frame, spring loaded cutting head and a thermoplastic water reservoir. This saw is for the professional contractor or the weekend DIY project. The 1 1/2 HP, 120 volt motor is strong enough to tackle any masonry, brick, or paver job. It features a 3 3/4 inch depth of cut and a 16 inch length of cut.


  • Recoil spring counter balanced platform
  • Premium segmented masonry blade
  • Self lubricating pinion system
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Wet-dry combo


  • Currently unavailable from some sellers
  • Stand not included

This saw is guaranteed to be free from defects on material and workmanship for one full year from date of purchase.

Comparison Table

The Verdict

While we were very impressed with the small but tough QEP 22400Q 3/5 HP Torque Master Tile Saw and loved that you could buy it for less than it would cost to rent, we agreed that it would be well worth it to spend more or so and buy the SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw. With the Skil’s impressive 4.5 star reviews from over 800 customers, it’s stainless steel top, and its other impressive features, it is well worth the extra money for those small DIY projects at home. But, if the budget doesn’t allow that extra money to purchase the SKIL, no need to stress: you will get a lot of bang for your buck from the QEP 22400.

For our two mid-range price choices, we liked the 2.5 Horsepower 10″ Industrial Tile/Brick Saw a little more than the MK-370EXP 1-1/4 HP 7-inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw, and not just because it is cheaper. The 2.5 horsepower’s head pivots to allow for both 22.5 and 45-degree angles while the MK-370 has only the 45-degree angle. Plus, when you compare the two in appearance, the 2.5 looks and feels more solidly built.

Next, we have the two pricier choices to consider. The DeWalt D24000S 10″ Heavy Duty Tile Saw came in with excellent reviews on Amazon while the QEP61900Q 2.25 HP Professional tile saw had some less than stellar ones. Both saws are close in price to each other and they each come with a folding stand. We really like the look of the QEP61900Q’s stand with the large wheels for easier transport, but the DeWalt saw is a lighter 70 lbs as opposed to the 107 lbs QEP61900Q.

We believe you will get your money’s worth out of either saw, but the three-year warranty of the DeWalt appealed to us more, especially since the QEP has no known warranty to back it.

Finally, the largest and highest price tile saw that we reviewed is the MK Diamond 153203 MK-1080 1 1/2 Horsepower 10-inch Brick Paver Saw. There is only one thing to say about this saw: it is impressive. It is also a workhorse that we believe can handle any job that is thrown at it. Though it is a little harder to find than the other saws, we could not ignore this one and had to include it as one of the best tile saws of 2018.



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